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A message from Pastor Duling:

Dear COOS Families,
The COOS Preschool Board met this morning at 10am to discuss growing concern over the Covid19 (Corona) virus. Out of caution and care for our young children, teachers and families, COOS has decided to temporarily close effective immediately through March 31st. We will re-open April 1st, 2020. Per our financial agreement a half month of attendance entitles families to a half month tuition credit (for those who have already paid March tuition). We will update regularly as the situation changes.

Please stay connected through your classroom Facebook groups. The teachers and myself plan to share fun things you can do at home and even read a story or two. We are going to miss everyone very much. Please take care of yourselves and each other! Please check the website regularly for updates and fact checking!

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Ms. Beverly and the COOS Preschool Board

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