Fees and Policies

2018-2019 TUITION


2 days a week

3 days a week

4 days a week

5 days a week

Full Day 7am – 6pm $572 $756 $892 $1008
Half Day 8:30am – 12pm $362 $498 $593 $661
Lunch Bunch for Half Days 12 – 12:45pm $21 $31 $42 $52


Tuition is calculated on an annual basis, taking our holidays and other closures into account. It is then broken into equal monthly payments. Most months will have 4 weeks, but some will have 3 and others will have 5. Your monthly amount is based on the annual calculation.

Payments are collected in the black payment box in the lobby. Payments are due the 1st and are late after the 10th of the month. If you sign up for automatic payments through tuition express, your payment will be automatically charged on the 10th of each month.



A non-refundable annual Enrollment Fee of $175 is due for each family with completion of a new student application and a re-enrollment. An annual Supply Fee of $100 is due per child per year. A $25 earthquake kit fee is due just once, upon enrollment. Earthquake kits last 5 years.


Siblings: A discount of 10% is given off the oldest child’s preschool tuition, if you have more than one child enrolled at COOS.

Church Member: A discount of 10% is given to active members of the church. Note: Only one 10% discount given per family. There is no discount given for fees.